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A Website Health Audit offers a holistic analysis of the site and provides an overview of all of the issues currently preventing it from performing as well as it could. It also includes a complete assessment of actionable recommendations for all areas which need improvement. The information contained in this report can be useful in rooting out recent downturns in traffic, search engine ranking of unknown cause, or providing a starting point for improving a business’ online presence.

Additional Info Required:
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Read-only access to accounts for:
– Google Analytics
– Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools)
– Bing Webmaster Tools

Note: If you do not have any of these services installed, they will be installed for you.

* requires additional lead time of at least 2 weeks for data collection before beginning the audit process.


The problem with examining segments of a website, instead of holistically, is that it may cause individual issues effecting certain pieces to appear to be something they are not. This kind of inaccurate diagnosis usually results in spending money and time unnecessarily, in an attempt to fix something that isn’t broken. A lack of awareness of issues that exists can also cause the website to suffer penalties that could have been avoided. The Website Health Audit report will allow you to discover errors you may have overlooked, or that you didn’t even know were mistakes to begin with.

Discovering all of the technical errors effecting the site is not enough though. In order for the Website Health Audit to be impactful, any efforts made to implement suggestions must be prioritized based on improvements that will drive business results, increasing traffic, conversions and revenue. Each section of the Audit report indicates the Implementation Priority, and whether Content and/or Technical Support are required.

Once the actionable recommendations have been implemented, the website should experience increased organic traffic, conversion improvements, and additional revenue. However, it often takes several months before the full impact of these changes can be realized. Since these Audits are tax-deductible expenses for business owners, it is worth investing in an Audit report for the website each year, to enable consistent analysis of the website’s progress over longer periods time.

The depth and breadth of the website, but also the complexity of the issues, and the time required to complete the Audit process, are all factors which impact the cost of a Website Health Audit.

Website Health Audits are processed manually, ensuring discovery of negative factors that cannot be detected by software-generated reports
Turnaround Time:

14 – 21 Business Days

Website Health Audit reports include:
– Summary of Analysis outlining what the issues are, and required points of action
– Warnings to highlight potential website issues
– Actionable recommendations to help implement the Audit findings

Each PDF report contains data for more than 200 checkpoints, onsite and offsite:
(average reports are between 30-40 pages)
TechnicalCrawl, Sitemap, Robots.txt, Semantic Markup
OnsiteContent, Titles, Meta Descriptions, Site Speed, Images, Videos
LinksInternal Links, Architecture, Canonicalization, Inbound Links
Social MediaSocial, News
SecurityHTTPS migration
MiscellaneousMobile, International, Local Business (citations, Google+ Local, Reviews analysis, Location landing page visibility)