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Engage 2.0 is Now Online and in a Bookstore Near You

I’ve some great news to share with you! One year after its official release Engage 2.0 is now available…

If you just bought the original Engage, don’t worry, this book doesn’t replace it. Engage 2.0 is a different book with a different purpose.

When it came time to release Engage in paperback I was asked if there were any changes I wanted to make before going to press. The answer was an emphatic yes. I took this opportunity not because I felt there was anything wrong or missing, I just saw a chance to practice what I preach. As such, I listened over the year to Tweets, posts, and reviews and felt the need to incorporate suggestions and requests for a different take on an important subject…engagement.

In this second edition, I cut approximately 35,000 words and 40 sections from the original. To put that in perspective, that’s over one-half the length of a standard business book. I also took the opportunity to add new sections and also introduce significant updates to each chapter.

New areas of focus in the second edition include:

– A social business takes a human touch
– The new principles of service and value to trigger shared experiences
– Facebook commerce (F-Commerce)
– ROI and measuring success
– New engagement strategies
– Updated social media tools

The end result is that Engage 2.0 delivers a focused approach to help strategists and executives craft, execute, and measure meaningful and effective social media engagement programs.

The new book is now available at the following locations:


Amazon Kindle

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble ebook


Borders ebook

Apple’s iBookstore

For bulk orders, please visit 800CEOREAD

Audio version of Engage 1.0 on Audible

This is your time to #Engage!

You can read more about Engage 2.0 in a new interview published on The Next Web. It also discusses the challenges and opportunities facing books in a real-time world.

p.s. If you’re wondering if this is the next book I teased earlier this year…the answer is no. The next book will be released this Fall.

Brian Solis

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